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About us and Kheshtomah

Welcome! Kheshtomah is a family run guest house providing 8 furnished bedrooms. Situated on the edge of historical area in Ardakan which is within walking distance of the Khatami house, Afzali house, Charsoogh Bazar, Qanat and etc.

When you come to stay at Kheshtomah in Ardakan you are at very heart of the beautiful and historic cities in central Iran. There are so many activities to enjoy or places to visit.

Kheshtomah is friendly, comfortable and affordable.



kheshtomah traditional house ardakan خانه سنتی خشت و ماه اردکان Samaneh Mehdizade          kheshtomah traditional house ardakan خانه سنتی خشت و ماه اردکان Habib Ghaderi                                         

We, both are here at Kheshtomah 24 hours / 7 days .

we are ready to do daily housekeeping in Kheshtomah. we can replace sheets, pillowcases, facial towels, make the beds, clean the room, and collect waste everyday if you wish and ask for. It depends on your request because we do not want to disturb our guest.


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